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Business mentors are a group of voluntary persons who are willing to share their expertise and experiences with other entrepreneurs.

Although business mentors will share their thoughts and opinions, the final decision of any action is always taken by the entrepreneur. A true mentorship is not about occasional help or answering quick questions but a relationship where both parties learn from each other.

Business mentoring in Helsinki Metropolitan area is administered by the Metropolitan Business Mentors association (Pääkaupunkiseudun Yrityskummit ry). There are over 1200 business mentors in Finland and over 70 in the Metropolitan area.

Please contact us and fill in the Mentoring form Hae Yrityskummia

For more information please contact to Regional Business Mentor Esko Valkeala, esko.valkeala(at)

More information of a Mentoring please check this webpage Score

The Guide Becoming an Entrepreneur in Finland

For an entrepreneur, freedom brings along increasing responsibility for one’s own success. Successful business requires that you ful ll the obligations and keep up the motivation for work. You may sometimes feel lonely as an entrepreneur. Therefore it is important that your entrepreneurship is based on a strong will to work. Becoming an entrepreneur requires careful consideration of the mat- ter from different angles. Letting the thought ripen is a useful way of pre- paring for entrepreneurship. If you wish to start your own business, read through this guide carefully!