Business mentoring

Business mentors are a group of voluntary entrepreneurs who are willing to share their expertise and experiences with other entrepreneurs.

Although business mentors will share their thoughts and opinions, the final decision of any action is always taken by the entrepreneur. A true mentorship is not about occasional help or answering quick questions but a relationship where both parties learn from each other.

Business mentoring in Helsinki Metropolitan area is administered by the Metropolitan Business Mentors association (Pääkaupunkiseudun Yrityskummit ry). There are over 1200 business mentors in Finland and over 70 in the Metropolitan area.

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For more information please contact to Regional Business Mentor Esko Valkeala, esko.valkeala(at)

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For an entrepreneur, freedom brings along increasing responsibility for one’s own success. Successful business requires that you ful ll the obligations and keep up the motivation for work. You may sometimes feel lonely as an entrepreneur. Therefore it is important that your entrepreneurship is based on a strong will to work. Becoming an entrepreneur requires careful consideration of the mat- ter from different angles. Letting the thought ripen is a useful way of pre- paring for entrepreneurship. If you wish to start your own business, read through this guide carefully!

Mentoring with Metropolitan Business mentors = Yrityskummit, mentorit

With this information we provide you with information about our association and the mentoring process.

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Our activities

Our services cover mentoring and peer support to entrepreneurs having small enterprises in the various phases of the business. Our activities are based on voluntary work.

The mentor shares his or her knowledge and experience with the entrepreneur and thereby supports the enterprise to become more successful. The relationship is based on confidentiality and trust. The mentor is the sparring partner and advisor for identifying new ideas and taking them forward. The toolbox of the mentor also includes finding opportunities for networking as well as reviewing potential solutions to the challenges of the entrepreneur.

Mentoring process

The first step of the mentoring process is usually a business development clinic where 2-3 potential mentors participate to discuss the current state, future opportunities and the mentoring needs of the entrepreneur. An NDA is signed by all parties present in the clinic.

Or we start with mentoring clinic. It’s face-to-face meeting with one mentor.

The mentor is assigned to the entrepreneur based on the preference of the entrepreneur either at the end of the clinic or shortly afterwards.


After the clinic the mentoring process continues with meetings scheduled once a month, or as needed. In the first meeting an agreement is signed by the parties. The also discuss and agree on the mentoring target and schedule. The process typically covers 3 – 5 meetings, after which the mentoring process is closed.

Your company current state and ambitions

In order to be able to assess the situation of your company we would appreciate receiving your responses to the following questions. Please answer in 5 days time.

Mentoring questions

    1. Who are the customers or customer segments of your company?
    2. In which industry is your company active? What are the products or services of your company? Your own knowledge?
    3. What is your vision of your entrepreneurship in three years? What kind of life and entrepreneurial activities do you aim at?
    4. What kind of metrics have been defined for the company, indicating how well the goals have been met?
    5. Company’s numbers now a) turnover, b) profit, c) staff
    6. What are the biggest challenges at the moment? Improvement needs?
    7. What actions could help most to overcome the challenges and reach the goals?
      Do you have a needs for sharpening the board work?
    8. What the specific characteristics of your industry? How you monitor your business environment? Competitors?
    9. Digitalisation, Social media and your webpage experiences and situation?

Kindly respond in one week time to enable us to start arranging the mentoring clinic.

Please find the mentoring agreement model, code of ethics and the job description of the mentor opening this link

Once the mentor has been selected, the entrepreneur can support the activities of Pääkaupunkiseudun Yrityskummit (Mentoropolitan Business mentors) association and the development of mentoring by paying a voluntary contribution of € 300. If you wish, you can get the name of your own company and a link to the website of the Pääkaupunkiseudun Yrityskummit association
When a contribution payment has been agreed, we will send the invoice.

For your information, the organization functioning at the national level is called Finnish Business Mentors.  Currently there are about 1000 business mentors in the country-wide organization and about 80 in the Metropolitan area.

In the Metropolitan area we have been active beginning of 2000. Over 200 entrepreneurs participate in the mentoring process at an annual level.

More information about mentoring and mentoring process

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is when an experienced entrepreneur provides advice to another to help them succeed. That’s what Pääkaupunkiseudun Yrityskummit ry (Helsinki Metropolitan business mentors association) is all about.

Pääkaupunkiseudun Yrityskummit ry volunteers provide the specific advice and resources you need through customized, 1-on-1 or team mentoring. Our mentors work with you to identify opportunities and avoid threats to your success. With Pääkaupunkiseudun Yrityskummit ry, you can feel confident knowing you have an experienced resource available for simple questions or complicated strategy development.

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